10th October 2007

Video: New Media Douchebags in Plain English

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How to blog, Twitter, podcast, poke, write on Facebook walls and become a new media douchebag. Enjoy!

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  1. 1 On October 11th, 2007, Not That Scott said:

    If it weren’t for New Media Douchebaggery, I’d be spending a lot more time with my children.

  2. 2 On October 11th, 2007, Lisa said:

    Very funny Kel!

  3. 3 On October 11th, 2007, alison said:

    Kelly Stewart, breaking the hearts of douchebags everywhere.

  4. 4 On October 11th, 2007, PETE [stringfellow] said:

    OK…that was freak’n hilarious!!!!!


    GREAT work Kelly!!!!!!!


  5. 5 On October 15th, 2007, Chip said:

    Coming soon to a “D.A” meeting near you…. Or a line of jokes on the topic of “You might be a New Media Douchebag…”

    I’ll be changing my moniker from “eBusinessman” to “New Media Douchebag”! Very well done.

  6. 6 On October 15th, 2007, Wilson said:

    Kelly, I am LOVING these!

    (And of course am blogging about it.)

  7. 7 On October 15th, 2007, Scott Spaid said:

    Kelly — thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking for so long but couldn’t articulate. NMDB — Yea!

  8. 8 On October 18th, 2007, C.C. Chapman said:

    I certainly fit this description except that I’ve always got more then enough “real” work to do as well 🙂

    I’m trying to keep the cobwebs off my phone as well. Not doing so hot.

    Keep up the great work here. Really like your approach.

  9. 9 On October 18th, 2007, Daniel Johnson, Jr. said:

    Ouch. Thr truth stings.

  10. 10 On October 18th, 2007, Jason Jarrett said:

    Brilliant. Clear simple. I want more!

  11. 11 On October 18th, 2007, Jaffe - Book, Statistics and More Juice said:

    […] it means we’ll all have more work then we know what to do with. Perhaps then all of us “new media douchebags” won’t get such a bad rap. […]

  12. 12 On October 18th, 2007, Dan Swatik » New Media Douche-bags said:

    […] Low budget, simple and very funny. Made me cringe a bit!, and yeah so I’m a douche bag read more | digg […]

  13. 13 On October 18th, 2007, Phillip said:

    Absolutely brilliant! Now I finally understand how to do it!! 😀

  14. 14 On October 18th, 2007, Len Edgerly said:

    A Swiftian sendup of Everything 2.0. Brilliant. I thought it was by Lee LeFever of http://www.commoncraft.com/ at first because of the “Yeah” and thumbs ups. Homage? Mocking with respect? No matter. This was a kick in the new media butt.

  15. 15 On October 18th, 2007, Jan / The Faux Press said:


  16. 16 On October 18th, 2007, Kelly Stewart said:

    So happy that Lee and Sachi LeFever have a sense of humor.

  17. 17 On October 18th, 2007, Alex -S- said:

    i almost spit out my coffee.

    As a recent convert to being a NMD – i loved this! Funny, yet somewhat true – making fun of our own obsessions is not bad thing to keep us grounded methinks.

    Funniest things is – the NMD’s will probably end up as part of the interwebs next burst bubble, when 3.0, 4.0 etc come along! When the cool kids are blogging, vlogging, flogging (?) and facebooking from implanted chips in their heads, we’ll all be sitting around telling anyone that’ll listen how fun it was back in the good old days of the interweb 2.0 🙂

    Should i watch again or reply to my voicemail queue – hmmmm ? Aw the heck with it – if its something important they’l IM or twitter me wont they?

  18. 18 On October 18th, 2007, Sandy said:

    Funny and another example of unintended ok maybe sometimes superficial benefits eh!

  19. 19 On October 18th, 2007, Dave Delaney said:

    Funny funny funny. 🙂

  20. 20 On October 18th, 2007, Ryan Irelan » New Media Douchebags in Plain English said:

    […] New Media Douchebags in Plain English – Very well done. [via The Trend Junkie over IM] […]

  21. 21 On October 18th, 2007, erin said:

    can you walk on water too?
    great way to call a spade a spade. unfortunately, it feels like almost the entire deck is spades…

  22. 22 On October 18th, 2007, Michael Seaton said:

    Very well done. Lots of Truthiness here

  23. 23 On October 19th, 2007, E L S U A ~ A KM Blog by Luis Suarez » Blog Archive » New Media vs. Social Computing said:

    […] long ago under Social Software … in Plain English from Commoncraft, you surely are going to enjoy this one from Kelly […]

  24. 24 On October 23rd, 2007, Dogear Nation » Blog Archive » Dogear-Nation - Episode 27 - Clean, Inside and Out said:

    […] Skirting the edge of the clean tag New Media Douchebaggery — http://www.kommonkraft.com/blog/2007/10/10/video-new-media-douchebags-in-plain-english/ […]

  25. 25 On October 24th, 2007, Bill Sledzik said:

    This is fabulous, Kelly, and I’ll do my best to spread the word to other NMDBs like me. Some of them have trouble with satire, but most — I hope — have a sense of humor. We’ll see if they talk to me after today, or if they see themselves in your clip!

    Could not help but note how few of the hard core 2.0ers in my business have either not found this clip or refuse to post it!

  26. 26 On October 24th, 2007, PR links to make you think — and cringe — and cackle! « said:

    […] New Media Douchebags. This hysterical 2-minute video pokes fun at the denizens of Web 2.0, of which I am one. Don’t click if you take yourself too seriously. You’ve been warned. Hat tip, Scott Monty, who offers useful commentary with the clip. (Update: I’ve added the video below for your convenience.  And here is the link to the creators.) […]

  27. 27 On October 30th, 2007, Josh Tabin said:

    It’s scary how true this is…well played, sir.

  28. 28 On October 30th, 2007, Commoncraft Parodie: New Media Douchebags in Plain English « c/o operative said:

    […] Stewart (Untertitel: Explanations of things explained in plain English) verlinkt auf das Video “New Media Douchebags in Plain English”, das nicht nur den Stil der Commoncraft Videos (perfekt) parodiert, sondern der Web 2.0 Community […]

  29. 29 On October 31st, 2007, New Media Douchebags in Plain English [I Hate It Here]  »TechAddress said:

    […] Sam were real, but as a made-up character she disrupts the lesson. So I savor the double parody of New Media Douchebags in Plain English. Of course, I want to edit this one, […]

  30. 30 On October 31st, 2007, Dean Steadman said:

    I hate this.

    Please visit my blog to see how much I hate it and other things that I hate.

  31. 31 On October 31st, 2007, Chris Anderson hates receiving spam, benefits from sending it [Great Moments In Public Relations]  »TechAddress said:

    […] Sam were real, but as a made-up character she disrupts the lesson. So I savor the double parody of New Media Douchebags in Plain English. Of course, I want to edit this one, […]

  32. 32 On October 31st, 2007, New Media in Plain English: Who me? | BloodhoundBlog: Real estate marketing and technology blog | Realtors and real estate, mortgages, lending, investments said:

    […] It’s the New Media (Dirt)bags in Plain English. […]

  33. 33 On October 31st, 2007, Jay Fienberg said:

    Wow, excellent and concise explanation of so many of the myriad aspects of new media douchebaggery. Thank you!!!

  34. 34 On November 2nd, 2007, Douchebag, Valleywag, give the dog a bone » Cinnamon Pants said:

    […] threw a bone to Cinnamon Pants by featuring the “New Media Douchebag“ video in a Halloween […]

  35. 35 On November 2nd, 2007, Wesley said:

    I blame adsense

  36. 36 On November 6th, 2007, Reed said:

    facebooked, dug, tagged, favorited, delicioused, sphinned, stumbled, furled, reddited, twittered, farked, slashdotted, blogmarked, spurled, winked, netvouzed, mashed, tailranked, backflipped… oh and yeah, blogged! Funny video!

  37. 37 On November 13th, 2007, You Can Tell Now That the Sex Bloggers Have Arrived : Sexerati: Smart Sex. said:

    […] something smart to say isn’t enough, and so we get some of the behaviors of the so-called New Media Douchebags, that we love to hate but still sometimes indulge in ourselves: starting faux-controversies to get […]

  38. 38 On November 13th, 2007, Art Doesn't Quite Get It. said:

    I guess all you hate is the New Media Douchebags, who in turn hate all the other stuff for you by proxy. Hooray for you.

  39. 39 On November 14th, 2007, contentious.com - I think this is me — too funny! said:

    […] Cinnamon Pants really nailed me here: […]

  40. 40 On November 14th, 2007, BarelyBlogging » Blog Archive » links for 2007-11-15 said:

    […] Video: New Media Douchebags in Plain English » Cinnamon Pants (tags: funny web2.0 media video web) […]

  41. 41 On November 22nd, 2007, Vote for me as your favorite new media douchebag said:

    […] YouTube pulled the video. Here’s the original. […]

  42. 42 On November 23rd, 2007, » Blog Archive » New media douchebags said:

    […] And people wonder why we have no time these days […]

  43. 43 On December 6th, 2007, Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit said:

    Welcome to the New Media Douschbag collective, sir.

  44. 44 On December 6th, 2007, twit.tv/Leo Laporte/net@nite “review” Douchebag video » Cinnamon Pants said:

    […] net@nite with Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte featured the “New Media Douchebag” video in today’s episode. How bizarre that Leo Laporte said my name. Leo, please set […]

  45. 45 On December 10th, 2007, Marci said:

    And people wonder why we have no time these days ….good point.

  46. 46 On December 29th, 2007, Librarians Matter » Blog Archive » New media douchebags said:

    […] I saw Kelly Stewart’s parody on the Common Craft videos and up-themselves new media types, New Media Douchebags in Plain English. It’s also been posted to YouTube (clip below) by persons unknown: New media douchebags . I […]

  47. 47 On March 30th, 2008, Are You a New Media Douchebag? : Colin’s Blog said:

    […] Cinnamon Pants via Dave […]

  48. 48 On March 31st, 2008, FJOTD: Henry Hackett! said:

    […] Are you a new media douchebag? Yay! (Cinnamon Pants via Dave […]

  49. 49 On April 25th, 2008, the 270 :: Your Guide to Columbus and Central Ohio : Who are Columbus’ New Media Douchebags? said:

    […] to liven things up. What’s a New Media Douchebag you ask? Well, watch this clip from Cinnamon Pants first. Then continue […]

  50. 50 On June 8th, 2008, FJOTD: Henry Hackett! « The Earnalist said:

    […] Are you a new media douchebag? Yay! (Cinnamon Pants via Dave […]

  51. 51 On September 5th, 2008, The Corporate New Media Douchebag said:

    Awesome stuff, but you are missing out on the Corporate New Media Douchebag. A related cousin to this guy, but the corporate guy loves everything. He celebrates it all, but mostly himself. He believes that being awesome is a matter of saying how awesome you are. Of course, he does no work. See http://danschawbel.com/

  52. 52 On September 16th, 2008, Neither Politics Nor Religion at blogan said:

    […] new goal is to avoid being a new media douchebag, and I’m not sure it’s working. In my attempt I am swearing off writing about partisan […]

  53. 53 On November 12th, 2008, Allen L. Kelly said:

    I just Tweeted this 🙂

  54. 54 On November 17th, 2008, Social Media “Rockstars” vs. “Narcissists” — Social Media Rockstar said:

    […] I am social media rockstar? Not even close. Am I a narcissistic new media douchebag? Man, I really hope not. But I admit that I am driven to learn out how to use social media more […]

  55. 55 On January 2nd, 2009, First Post in 2009 is… a parody? | Danielle Morrill said:

    […] searching for Kelly Stewart’s New Media Douchebags video with the terms “common craft parody” I came across some videos from local wiki company […]

  56. 56 On February 15th, 2009, Ryan Turner said:

    This video tells exactly what is wrong with the industry. 10/10

  57. 57 On February 15th, 2009, Carlos Geer said:

    Right on! Good post.

  58. 58 On February 19th, 2009, Identity217 said:

    MySpace, Facebook and Twitter don’t replace Blood, Sweat and Tears!
    Do something productive people!

  59. 59 On March 3rd, 2009, michele said:

    What makes this even more funny is the fact that new media douchebags are tweeting & blogging this as if they were not part of the douchebaggery! Obviously new media jumped the shark and these butt munches are the same as hipsters who say they are not hipsters. It’s over, now get a real job. Oh, that’s right, you are not qualified to actually do anything and that’s why you are in new media! I keep forgetting. kthxbai

  60. 60 On March 14th, 2009, dale said:

    with that much hate you are well on your way and edging dangerously close to the edge of being a douchebag wannabee

    by using a blog and a video of multimedia pots/kettles/spades all have you in their sights – you really should get back to real work

  61. 61 On September 10th, 2009, sandrar said:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  62. 62 On September 16th, 2009, Lachlan said:


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