25th October 2007

Video: Jaffe Mania!

New media marketing guru Joseph Jaffe has just published his latest book Join the Conversation to the delight of fans across the world. Join in the frenzy caused by the release of this practical guide to the future of marketing.

Grab the embed code at blip.tv or YouTube. Download a high res QuickTime here.

And here’s the “Jaffe Mania” transcript:

Announcer: Brought to you by Cinnamon Pants

Jaffe mania. New media marketing guru Joseph Jaffe has just released his latest book, “Join the Conversation,” to the delight of fans all across the world.

A cool, rainy Wednesday in Nashville didn’t stop the throngs from lining up around the corner at this Borders to be the first, lucky ones to join the conversation.

This woman’s joy was unbridled after finding the one copy buried in the Personal Branding during Addiction Recovery shelves.

We learned this man traveled to the store for late night revelry with other Jaffe Maniacs.

Interviewer: Were you here for Jaffe’s book? Angry black man: Uh, yeah.Interviewer: So you’re upset because they were out of them?Angry black man: Well, my kids sent me down here to go get a book, this Joseph Jaffe guy, and then, I come down to the store, there’s no line, there’s no book, there’s no event, 4 A.M…What the? This guy Jaffe, he couldn’t draw a crowd if the Internet was a tube coming out of his ass!Announcer: Even children are not immune to the frenzy caused by the release of this practical, future media guide.Interviewer: So tell me why cricket’s so big?

Jaffe fan boy: Well, it’s really big in England, I figured that Americans should start experiencing it if it’s so big where Jaffe’s from.

Interviewer: Jaffe is South African though.

Jaffe fan boy: No he’s not.

Announcer: Boys and girls around the globe have taken up cricket, Jaffe’s favorite sport. Children are discovering neighborhood friendships through the wisdom and power of Jaffe.

Jaffe’s own daughter, Pearl

Child offscreen: Say “give me my money!”

Pearl: Mommy’s not pooping

Interviewer: Mommy’s not pooping?

Pearl: No.

Announcer: Adults once turned off by reading have again embraced the power of the written word.

Interviewer: I see you’ve got the new Jaffe book?

Man who hates to read: Yeah

Interviewer: You excited about reading it?

Man who hates to read: Nah.

Interviewer: Why not?

Man who hates to read: Well, I don’t read much, it hurts my brain. I’ll prolly just wait until everybody’s podcast comes out about the book and hear what they have to say about it.

Announcer: Not afraid to use his own brilliant techniques, Jaffe harnessed the power of social network Facebook and demanded his fake friends purchase the book.

Interviewer: Sir, sir, is this what you’re looking for?

Dumbledore: Uh, no, no, I just heard there was going to be a bumrush at the bookstore.

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10th October 2007

Video: New Media Douchebags in Plain English

How to blog, Twitter, podcast, poke, write on Facebook walls and become a new media douchebag. Enjoy!

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23rd September 2007

Video: Technology in Plain South Carolina English

Here’s our newest video to explain everything technology related in plain, Miss Teen South Carolina English. Let us know what you think in the komments!

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